About Our Company

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We are REVOLT wind. Our St. Louis, Missouri based company was founded on the principle that sustainable electric energy should be available to anyone anywhere for the lowest possible cost. It's that simple.

Our mission is:

  • to make low-cost wind energy available to everyone using our innovative and patented technology, and
  • to use our technology to produce unique, new products that save lives, improve lifestyle, and reduce pollution.

The original hanging wind turbine was developed to charge an electric bike using sustainable energy and without a tower, permits, or any other expensive infrastructure. The windmill design was so successful that the technology was awarded US and international patents in 2019. The original design has improved and evolved into the REVOLT wind turbine.

Because the product is original, inexpensive, and powerful, we are determined to bring this windmill to market using the latest mass-production techniques. We believe that REVOLT wind turbines will be available for purchase and ready for worldwide distribution by the end of 2019.

Visit our product page for more details or contact us with your questions about REVOLT wind turbines.

About Our Founder

Stephen Cowap

STEPHEN COWAP founded Bent Engineering LLC in 2012 after inventing a novel structural support called the Glass Bent Beam. Since that time, he has invented and patented two new types of wind turbines, including the REVOLT wind turbine, that offer major advantages over existing wind turbine technology.

Stephen has worked at Fortune 500 companies as a glass technologist for twenty years, was a member of ASTM C08, ran a testing laboratory, and was awarded a patent for a new glass batch additive for an industrial application at Owens Corning.

In addition to holding a master’s degree in ceramic engineering from the University of Illinois (Tau Beta Pi), Stephen has a passion for model building, art, sculpture, and photography.

Stephen's inventions include:

  • The Glass Bent Beam is a structural support element made of glass laminated plates in the shape of a bent. It provides improved performance and appearance and withstands higher temperatures than existing steel or concrete beams.
  • The Self-Orienting Hanging Wind Turbine hangs from an overhead attachment point. Because the design is scalable, it can be small and portable or large and powerful. It is easily lowered to the ground for maintenance.
  • The Self-Orienting Vertical Axis Wind Turbine powers a rotating shaft that delivers mechanical power at ground level.
  • The Aquaduck is a floating variation of the vertical axis wind turbine. It aerates stagnate or polluted water.
  • The cathedral alternator is another variation of the vertical axis wind turbine that resides in the attic of buildings, generates electricity, and provides ventilation.
  • The Radon Abatement System alleviates the buildup of dangerous gases.