Power. Anytime. Anywhere.

Mass-produced wind turbines will change the world

The REVOLT Hanging Wind Turbine is a viable, affordable, reliable, safe, and lightweight electric generator that will allow anyone to run or charge any electronic device or battery from remote areas not served by a power-grid.

The REVOLT hangs from an overhead support such as a line strung between two points, a hook, bracket, or tree branch. It requires no tower, no permit, no real estate, no footers, and no guide wires making it inexpensive, fast and easy to set up.

5 foot revolt wind turbine

On a planet where about three billion people do not have access to the electric grid, inexpensive, mass-produced REVOLT windmills will literally change the quality of life for millions by making electricity available and accessible to nearly anyone who needs convenient, remote, or portable electricity.

The mission of REVOLT wind, is to bring revolutionary wind-driven machines into mass-production so that they can be used to help solve today’s energy production and pollution problems while improving the lifestyle of people worldwide.

remote location laptop powered by a hanging wind turbine


  • Independence from the grid.
  • Low-cost - Mass-production lowers the cost of manufacturing making it accessible to everyone. It is the CHEAPEST green energy generator available (based on dollars per watt).
  • Portable, Compact & Lightweight - Easily pack and install anywhere.
  • Quick & Easy to set up and produces power immediately.
  • Hangs without expensive infrastructure. Compare with other energy systems.
  • Stable aerodynamic design.
  • Rugged & Durable to resist lightening strikes, storm-force winds, and moisture.
  • Simple & Safe to maintain and repair.
  • Reduces pollution & dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Scalable power by linking two or more units together.
  • See Instructions or FAQs for additional details.
remote location gps powered by a hanging wind turbine

The REVOLT will run or charge any type of battery or device.

The REVOLT hanging windmill is designed for:

  • mobile phones
  • LED lighting
  • back-up power
  • off-grid/renewable energy systems
  • portable devices (marine, RV, camping)
  • remote devices (security/monitoring equipment)
  • emergency kits

We’ve developed this windmill to be super-simple to set up, quiet, lightweight, and very low-cost.