The Self-Orienting Hanging Wind Turbine

A Fundamental Advancement in Wind Energy

5 foot revolt wind turbine

The hanging design was born to allow windmills to be deployed in areas where towers are not permitted. It was originally named “The Gooseneck Alternator,” because the long and skinny counterbalance arm makes it appear similar to a goose in flight. As the design evolved we learned that it could be built in a range of sizes using the same blades and electric generator that are used on tower mounted windmills, but at a fraction of the cost. And because the device is not anchored to the ground by the tower, you can own it without owning the land beneath it, and take it with you when you need to.

The first 100 HWT’s (hanging wind turbines) are in production and should be available in January. We are anxious find out how well this product will perform in your hands.

remote location laptop powered by a hanging wind turbine


  • Independence from the grid.
  • Low-cost - Mass-production lowers the cost of manufacturing making it accessible to everyone. It is the CHEAPEST green energy generator available (based on dollars per watt).
  • Portable, Compact & Lightweight - Easily pack and install anywhere.
  • Quick & Easy to set up and produces power immediately.
  • Hangs without expensive infrastructure. Compare with other energy systems.
  • Stable aerodynamic design.
  • Rugged & Durable to resist lightening strikes, storm-force winds, and moisture.
  • Simple & Safe to maintain and repair.
  • Reduces pollution & dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Scalable power by linking two or more units together.
  • See Instructions or FAQs for additional details.
remote location gps powered by a hanging wind turbine

The REVOLT will run or charge any type of battery or device.

The REVOLT hanging windmill is designed for:

  • mobile phones
  • LED lighting
  • back-up power
  • off-grid/renewable energy systems
  • portable devices (marine, RV, camping)
  • remote devices (security/monitoring equipment)
  • emergency kits

We’ve developed this windmill to be super-simple to set up, quiet, lightweight, and very low-cost.