Executive Summary

The "Hanging Wind Turbine"

Inventor: Stephen Cowap, CEO Bent Engineering

Our patented hanging assembly allows any existing wind turbine alternator to be hung from an overhead cable. The elimination of the tower from the wind turbine system is a breakthrough that will allow all individuals to own small windmills without the need to have land or build a tall tower. In addition it is portable, the machine resists lightning strikes when hung from a grounded cable and can be lowered to the ground for safe repair.

It begins making power immediately In amounts the same as if the windmill were mounted atop a tower at equivalent wind speed. Only because it hangs it can swing back and then forward...which allows it to begin turning at a lower wind speed than tower mounted versions. It is also capable of capturing wind energy when the wind is blowing from above or below as it is unrestrained and naturally faces into the wind. Tower mounted machines endure large bearing stress when inbound air is off horizontal.

The land beneath the windmill need not be disturbed when it is hung. Contrast to tower mounted versions that require level land and roads and heavy concrete footers that cannot be moved. HWT’s may be hung over the roofs of existing structures where they can take advantage of the wind speed amplification caused by the roof slope. Or hung between two buildings in a known wind tunnel. People will invent new and creative solutions to safely hang them on hillsides, mountains, etc.

From a physics standpoint the machine is best described as a tethered aircraft with only a vane and propeller. The long and skinny counterbalance arm or “GooseNeck,” points directly into the wind, as the blades spin up the windmill is stabilized by the gyroscopic effect of the spinning rotor, and the long goose neck acts to limit changes in direction by increasing the angular moment of inertia of the machine about the Z axis. The higher the RPM the more stable the bird. Fixing it at ground level beats ropes crews or helicopters that are needed to repair tower mounted machines any day.

2 Billion people own smartphones but have no way to charge them. The 200 watt model RW-1 on revoltwind.com will charge smartphones, electric scooters, drones, run laptops, run LED’s. More than 1 linked together or longer blade length increases the power output. A 12 ft blade version is rated to 10KW and would power a home. It’s cost only $4000. The number of uses for the HWT is as large as the number of users of the HWT.

Any electrical process can be powered using one or more hanging wind turbines linked together. With WIFI and rechargeable cell onboard it becomes a powerful platform for communications and data processing. In disaster regions where emergency electric power is needed it will save lives by powering medical devices and lights. Military troops will use it to reduce the weight of batteries that they now carry.

No special training or knowledge of electricity is required to use it. It looks cool running. It does not need to be high in the air to make useful power or pay for itself because it is so inexpensive. And it makes electric power at a lower cost than any other electricity generating system whether fossil fuel, nuclear, or green. The low cost is by virtue of the fact that it hangs above existing infrastructure. No new land need be purchased to install it. The two attachment points for the cable from which it hangs are all that is required. Those attachment points could be anchor bolts high on a rock wall for a large turbine installed in a location higher than a tower could ever be built.

The mini versions can be hung on flag poles, billboards, road signals, tree branches etc. Birds and bats can see and hear it when the blades are rotating faster. It may be acting to protect small ground mammals from predatory birds as they appear to congregate below it.

A standard 1.5MW farm turbine costs 2 million and is sited on 15 acres of cleared level land. The same machine hung will only cost half a million. It could run at near to its rated capacity when hung on the slopes of Mt. Fuji in Japan for instance. Millions could be hung where people would never see them high in the mountains. Over land that is undisturbed and not sprayed for weeds and bugs as with existing green energy farms. The Hanging Wind Turbine is the first green energy generator capable of making enough power to build the parts that went into making it. All other green energy generating systems require more power to build then they will produce over their lifetimes when the power needed to build the concrete and steel supports are included in the energy balance.

If at any time the HWT has a problem simply lower it down to the ground and fix it safely without cranes. Electronics to condition the power made by the windmill are off the shelf components that are available now for use with tower mounted wind turbine systems. The Hanging Wind Turbine design is in production form and is patented in the US and other nations. We are seeking manufacturers to build their own versions with the tools and materials they have. The design has tremendous potential. It is simple and rugged. And able to survive storm force winds.

Global Warming Is Solved!

Given that the hanging wind turbine produces electricity at a lower cost than existing technologies for making electric power; And given that it can be installed and operational within minutes; and that it can be made in any size out of everything from bamboo to high tech smart materials...there is no need for anyone on planet earth ever to be without electric power! Even when there is no place to attach a line from which to hang it, the machine can be hung on the tether of a lifting balloon much higher than any tower could reach. And if the balloon were filled with Hydrogen made by the windmill, that hydrogen could be stored up there, compressed and delivered at ground level on a tiny footprint of land needed only to site the mooring tether. At a lower cost than any existing technologies and in 100% green form.

The Hanging Wind Turbine will prevent conflict over dwindling fossil fuel resources, it will end mans dependence on fossil fuels and dangerous nuclear reactors. It will create the electric power that our species needs to survive in a sustainable form. We must apply our knowledge to spread this technology as fast as humanly possible. Solving global warming is the largest engineering challenge in human history and this invention gets it done. We humbly appeal to all people of planet earth…

Help us halt climate change!

We must act quickly to save the remaining glaciers!

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