Affliate Program

How Our Affiliate System Works

Our affiliate system is risk-free!

Affiliates receive their own free E-junkie account with affiliate links and information about referrals.

When a buyer clicks on your affiliate link we place a tracking cookie in their browser and they will be redirected to Or, instead, you can copy and paste some basic HTML "Add to Cart" button code so you can sell directly from your own website, blog, or social media page.

If a buyer makes a purchase from your E-junkie account within six months of clicking that link we will credit you.

This means that the sale doesn’t have to happen on the first landing page, and that tracking will still work even if the buyer leaves the site and returns later! No matter which link the affiliate uses, whether it is a link or your own "Add to Cart" button, our tracking will work for any item in your account so you do not need to worry about referrals being missed if a buyer decides to purchase a different item at a later time. The affiliate who introduced the buyer still gets the credit!

Affiliate tracking is only available for purchases processed through E-junkie purchase buttons. We cannot track third party sales.